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Concept Design

At Design Hub we put design and creativity to work for you to attract the customers attention your business deserves. Working in both a design and construction capacity our team made up of mostly Industrial Designers, has the experience and fabrication knowledge which can offer you an extensive variety of design services, ranging from concept, design, 3D modelling, engineered parts or components and shop drawings of detail joinery.
Designs are directly exported to our computed aided manufacturing machines which will cut the exact design files with precision. Design Hub has experience working with a vast array of materials. Material selection forms a major part of the design along with the right installation techniques for the specifc commercial environments.

Scope of works.JPG

Scope of Works 

Design Hub has a reputation in building quality, reliable and high level ftouts. Design Hub has aided industry including Hospitality, Retail, Commercial and Residential Fitouts. Having the expertise and experience of over 15 years in the business our qualifed Estimators and Project Managers have the expertise to deliver a high quality project within your scope of work. Across all ftout projects undertaken by Design Hub the scope of works provides a clear understanding to the client of what items and fnishes are included which also
quantifes the outline of the project ftout.


Program Procurement

For the overall quality assurance program, Design Hub has direct control over the day to day delivery of your ftout. With over 50 full time Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Joiners and Site Managers we are able to assure the project isseamless, managed well and handed over on time. We have a team of 8 general managers, designers, resource managers to assure the Q.C. aspect of major design, fabrication and supplies and procurement is delivered with a unifed experience.



Design Hub resides in a 1000m2 factory and ofce that houses two CNC machines, woodworking, plastics and metal fabrication machinery . With the inhouse design division, our machining and fabrication capabilities are a cut Joinery, Solid Surface Fabrication, Composite Cladding
Fabrication, Furniture Fabrication and Metal Fabrication. Design Hub has experience working with a vast array of materials and fabrication techniques. With over 50 qualifed tradesmen, we have a reputation in the construction industry for successfully completing highly
detailed curve and moulded ftout works.



Design Hub provides a comprehensive service, from initial design, right through to the installation. This service includes Project Managers and Site managers, qualifed Carpenters and Joiners which will guarantee a quality installed ftout. We have developed a reputation for
excellence based on our commitment to detail, value and customer satisfaction. All our installation team have the history of completing
these specialised ftout works. Techniques and skills gained in previous projects are carried forward into new projects and skill matrix is constantly evolving.



We have a reputation of delivering on time, within scope and budget. The project is only completed when the site has no defects, clean, the client has approved and is satisfed with the outcome. Design Hub continually completes projects to the highest 

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